Karshi city

Mausoleum Mavlano Abdulboki

The tomb of our great compatriot Maulyan Abdulboki Khojagi Emkanagi Ibn Maulyan Darvish Muhammad Vakhshuvari is located in the eastern part of the city of Kitab, 12 km from the city. He was born in 918 xidjry. His father, Darwish, was the chief caliph of Hazrat Mohammed, and in his own right was a monk, a hermit and he had many prophecies. He was educated in the field of external and internal sciences in Bukhara and Samarkand. He received a mystical upbringing from his father, Darwish Mohammed. He is one of the masters of the teachings of Khojagan Naqshbandi, and the grandchildren of our Prophet (S.A.V.) are 33 generations after Imam Hussein.

Khazrat Sultan Said Akhmad

Khazrat Sultan Said Akhmad Bashir (1368 - 1464). The book "The History of Khazrat Bashir" says that "Amir Temur was born thanks to the prophecies and prayers of Said Nematulloh, the brother of Said Baraki, piri Koragoni." Bashir's father, Khoja Hasan, is 90 years old, and his mother, Bibi Malokhat, is 80 years old. When the child was born, his parents named him Said Akhmad. Newborn Said Akhmad, grew up without breast milk. After Said Akhmad, his mother again had two children named Said Ali and Haji Akhmad.

Mausoleum Buzrukvor Hasan ota

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Madrasah Bekmir

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Mausoleum Abu Al-Jarrakh

He migrated with his comrades to Ethiopia and then to Medina. He served in the construction of the Muslim state in Medina. At the Battle of Badr he fought against his father. 22 Sura "Al-Mujadala" in the Qur'an tells about Abu Ubayd and other companions.

Complex "Dor Ussiyodat"

"Dor Ussiyodat" (House of Saids) is an architectural monument in Shakhrisabz. Built by Amir Temur. It was partially renovated in the early 19th and 20th centuries. The mausoleum of his son Jaksangir Mirzo and the underground robbery dedicated to Amir Temur have been preserved. According to Zafarnoma by Sharafuddin Ali Yazdi, Amir Temur built a special building in Shakhrisabz for his son Amirzoda Jakhongir.


Dorut-Tilovat is part of a huge monumental ensemble, which is associated not only with buildings that have survived to this day, but also with the names of the nobility of the Timurid state. Before the appearance of the complex, the old cemetery of Sayyids, descendants of Muhammad (S.A.V), began here.

Mosque Kunduzak

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Jome mosque Kukgumgaz

The Kukgumbaz Mosque was built in the center of ancient Karshi in AH 999 by Abdullah Khan. Tiles of the highest quality were used to decorate the mosque. The mosque is called "Kukgumbaz" because the outer dome is completely decorated with blue tiles. The inscriptions preserved on the inner wall of the mosque say that the mosque was built in 1590-1591 by the decree of Abdullah II. In 1953, Friday prayers began to be performed in this mosque. In 1967, the mosque was reconstructed by the Shakhrisabz master Hamdam. In 1982, the Samarkand master Nusratillo Asadov painted Sura Mulk using blue mosaic stone.

Mausoleum Langar ata

Various legends and works have been composed about this place for 600 years. The real name of Langar ata is Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq. Langar Ata at one time was the most beautiful reciter of the Holy Quran. Anyone who visits this shrine will feel wonderful peace of mind.

Mausoleum Hazrat Mir Haidar

Hazrat Sultan Mir Haidar is a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.). The tomb of Hazrat Sultan Mir Haidar contains the ranks given by Allah and Shajar. Sultan Mir Haydar was born in Mecca. At the age of 12, he won first place in a competition among imams and became an imam in Mecca. He served as an imam for 12 years and came to Khorezm. After Khorezm, he lived in Bukhara for several years. While sleeping, he dreamed of traveling. He mounted a two-humped white camel and set off. His camel Stopped at Casby Street (current name), where he lived his life and was buried.

Complex Aksaray

Aksaray is an architectural monument in Shakhrisabz (1380–1404) built by Amir Temur. Located in the main square to the east of the city. This palace has been destroyed and is in ruins. It has a huge roof, towers on both sides. Only part of the foundations of the palace has survived. The current view of the palace is also majestic and beautiful. The porch width is 22.5 m, the height is 40 m, the total height is more than 50 m.

Chubin madrasah

In the northern part of the city, in front of the Aksaray towers, the Chubin madrasah has been preserved. It was built of baked bricks at the end of the 17th century and traditionally consisted of rooms and student rooms. The rooms are covered with large and small domes. The madrasah was reconstructed in 1994-1996. Now here is the Museum of the History of Shakhrisabz.