Zangi ota region

Mausoleum Zangi ata

The mausoleums of the Sufi Zangi-Ata, who was very popular in Tashkent, and his wife Anbar-An, were apparently built by Tamerlane in the nineties of the XIV century. The real name of Zangi-Ata is Sheikh Ai-Khoja ibn Taj Khoja ibn Mansur. The nickname Zangi-Ata means "black father". He was born into a family of descendants of Hazrat Arslan bobo. He was also the fifth murid of the Sufi Khoja Ahmed Yasavi, who is called the spiritual ancestor of all the Turkic tribes of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The mausoleum complex consists of the following buildings: the Namazgokh mosque (1870); minaret (2014); mausoleum of Zangiata; courtyard with residential cells - hujras of the former madrasah (18th - 19th centuries); cemetery with the mausoleum Ambar bibi.