Andijan city

Mosque Dovudkhon Tura

The Dovudkhan Tura Mosque in Andijan, which has a 120-year history, has undergone a completely different look with the help of Hamkorbank.

Jome mosque Devonaboy

Devonaboy Mosque - built in 1870. The mosque, together with the madrasah and the minaret, occupies an area of ​​one and a half hectares. The complex also houses the Andijan Regional Literary and Art Museum.

Jome mosque Mirpustin ota

The rectangular columned room of the mosque is built in proportion to the three-sided porch. The foundation of the birdhouse is assembled from adobe brick.

House-museum of Babur

Zahir ad-din Muhammad Babur, "Babur" means "lion, commander, leopard" and comes from the Persian word. (February 14, 1483 - December 26, 1530) - Central Asian commander, poet and statesman. Padishah of India and Afghanistan. Founder of the Baburid dynasty and Empire. Full throne titulature: as-Sultan al-Azam wa-l-Hakan al-Mukarram Zahir ad-din Muhammad Jalal ad-din Babur, Padshah-i-Gazi. Also known as the founder of the Mughal Empire. This name in relation to the Baburids was used by European travelers since the 17th century.