Tashkent region

Tashkent city

Tashkent – The Capital of Uzbekistan! With population of over 2.3 million it translates as "Stone City". Due to its central location in the region, the city received Sogdian and Turkic influences in its early history, before the Arabs came in the 8th century.

Ahangaran city

Akhangaran is a well-known industrial region of the Tashkent region. Actually, the Tashkent oasis itself is formed by the confluence of the two rivers Akhangaran and Chirchik. The region has a deep history.

Zangi ota region

Zangiota district - a district of the Tashkent region. Until May 1992, it was called the Kalininsky District. Here is the mausoleum of the great Sufi Zangi-Ata, which was built by Tamerlane.