April 7, 2023, 6 a.m.

Muhammad Amin Khan (1817-1855), reigned 1845-1855, the seventh ruler of the Uzbek Kungrat dynasty in the Khiva Khanate.

In 1845, after the death of Rakhimkulikhan (1842-1845), his brother Muhammad Amin Khan came to power in the Khiva Khanate.

Under the rule of Muhammad Amin Khan (1845-1855), the efforts of the central government to pacify the nomadic tribes had some success. Muhammad Amin Khan undertook more than 10 campaigns against Merv and Khorasan.

During the reign of Muhammad Amin Khan, diplomatic relations were maintained with Russia, the Ottoman Empire, Iran, and Afghanistan. In December 1846, the envoys of Khiva, Klych Niyazmukhammedov and Shukrullabai Miskinov, arrived in Orenburg. March 9, 1847 they arrived in St. Petersburg. The ambassadors raised the issue of demolishing the Raim fortification built by Russia near the mouth of the Syr Darya, to which Nicholas I refused. The years 1847-1848 were spent in minor military clashes between the Khiva detachments and the tsarist military units. Having not achieved success, Muhammad Amin Khan again switched to a peaceful way of resolving the issue. In 1850, the Khiva ambassador Khoja Mekhrem Allaberdiyev visited St. Petersburg. However, all negotiations regarding the strengthening ended in nothing.
Cultural policy
During the reign of Muhammad Amin Khan, the largest madrasah named after him was built in Khiva. 260 students studied in the madrasah. A lot of land was allocated in different parts of the khanate to cover the costs of maintaining the madrasah, students and teachers.

The construction of the famous Kalta Minar minaret was also started. The historian Agakhi wrote the history of Khorezm.
In 1855, the Khorezmians undertook to conquer the territory of modern Southern Turkmenistan. In the decisive battle against the Khiva army near Serakhs, the Turkmen-Tekins inflicted a crushing defeat on them, in which Muhammad Amin Khan and about 30 of his dignitaries died. In 1856, Said Muhammad Khan (1856-1864) came to power in the Khiva Khanate.