Sept. 20, 2022, 7 a.m.

Abdukarim-biy (1701-1750) - the third ruler of the Uzbek Ming dynasty in the Kokand Khanate, ruling since 1734.

Abdukarim-biy was the younger brother of Abdurakhim-biy, who inherited power in the Kokand Khanate in 1734 after his death.

In 1740, he ordered to surround Kokand with a new wall, which later helped in the defense of the city from the invasion of the Dzungars.

In 1740, one of the great Kazakh biys, Tole bi, fled to Abdukarim-biy to escape from the Dzhungars. The leader of the Dzungars Galdan-Tseren demanded to extradite him. However, Abdukarimbiy drove out the Dzungarian ambassadors.

In 1745-1747, the Kokand Khanate was subjected to aggression by the Dzungars, who captured Osh, Andijan, Margilan and laid siege to Kokand. At a critical moment, Abdukarim-biy showed the talent of a military organizer. The enemy was driven back from the capital.

The Dzungarian aggression caused significant damage to the country's economy and delayed the political centralization of the state.

After the death of Abdulkarim-bey, the young son of Abdulkarim-bey Abdurakhman-bey (1750-1751), the son of Abdurahim-bey Irdana-bey (1751-1752) and the son of Abdulkarim-bey, who was a hostage and was under the influence of the Jungars, Baba-biy (1752-1753). In 1753, Baba-biy was killed as a result of an uprising, and Irdana-biy (1753-1770) was chosen as the ruler of the country for the second time.