July 5, 2023, 7:30 a.m.

Sa'd ibn Abu Waqqas, in some sources Sa'd ibn Malik is one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.V, the Sasanian state is the military conqueror of Persia and the founder of Kufa. Saad was the seventh free adult to convert to Islam at the age of seventeen. When Sa'd was in Medina, Muhammad S.A.W. participated in all the battles under his command.

Sa'd ibn Abu Waqqas is best known for his pronouncements at the Battle of Qadisiyah, the capture of the capital of the Sassanid Empire in 636, and the still-controversial diplomatic emigration to China in 651. At the siege of Ctesiphon in 637, Sa'd served as supreme commander of the Roshidun army in Iraq conquering the province of Khuzestan, and due to sensational news of Sa'd's actions, ordered the construction of the city of Kufa before he was replaced by Caliph Umar. In Kufa during the First Fitna, Sa'd was known for leading a neutral faction that included many of Muhammad's associates and their students.

Sunni Muslim historians and scholars who wrote his biography considered Sa'd one of the revered saints of Islam due to his comradeship with Muhammad, his inclusion in the ranks of the Companions who were promised paradise, and his participation in the Battle of Badr.